Northwestern Istria is a real paradise for those who want to enjoy an active vacation and enjoy marvelous natural and historic landmarks alongside rich cultural content. Enjoy local gastronomic delicacies and tastings of our autochthonous wine varieties, dare to explore Istria following its countless marvelous cycle paths or simply unwind and rest your body and soul on our beaches from stunning sunrises to golden sunsets. 


In Istria you can enjoy a unique enogastronomic experience which will intrigue all of your senses.


Istria, a northwestern region of Croatia, is known for its autochthonous wine varieties and breathtaking vineyards. This region is intersected by numerous wine routes spanning various terroirs, each with specific climates and soil.

Istrian wine routes connect several of the best-known local wineries located near our restaurant and are a perfect destination for a romantic excursion accompanied by tastings and visits to wine cellars. We will happily book a visit, contact the wineries and help you find the answers to all your questions!


The Istrian gastronomic scene offers a rich variety of delicacies of excellent quality that present you with unexpected and unforgettable flavors. One highlight are certainly Istrian truffles.

This delicacy dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Its home are the forest of Motovun and the Mirna river valley. The distinctive scent of this mushroom variety enriches every meal with a special note and pairing it with a carefully selected wine will produce an astonishing explosion of flavors.

Olive oil



Cycling and running

Cycling is one of the most popular activities in Istria. The cycle paths that lead to magical vineyards, traditional villages and marvelous beaches are exactly the right challenge for all lovers of this recreational sport. Spend your morning biking along the Parenzana, one of the best-known cycle paths which follows a now-defunct railway operational between 1902 and 1935.

Morning jogging or walking along the beach is the ideal activity for those who want to regenerate their body and soul on long and tranquil coastline promenades. For our adventurists there are a handful of watersports to try, while golf aficionados can choose to spend the day at one of the big and well-maintained golf courses found across the peninsula. 


The old centers of charming and picturesque Istrian towns are full of historic and cultural treasures. Strolling through romantic cobblestone streets is like travelling back in time and visiting an entirely different and exciting world.

ATP Umag

The ATP tournament in Umag, has transformed Umag into one of the most distinctive locations in tennis today and into a hub of entertainment, excellent sporting events and outstanding gastronomy while grooming many Croatian and international tennis players.


If you wish to experience a bit of history and old customs, a visit to the Savudrija lighthouse, the oldest active lighthouse on the Adriatic sea, might be the right choice for you. The solitary lighthouse keeper will happily share with you all the secrets hidden within the walls of this lonely tower on the northwestern promontory of Istria.


-Grožnjan, a tiny Istrian town with a big heart and rich character, blooms during the warm summer months combining culture, art, dance and music.

Anyone that walks along its cobblestone streets will cherish the memory forever. Be sure to check out Jazz is Back, a festival that gathers big international names from the world of jazz.


If you want to relax and immerse yourself in a world of fairytales and myths, our charming roads will lead you to Motovun, a small hilltop town in the valley of the river Mirna.

According to legend, it was actually built by giants! Film buffs are sure to utterly enjoy the Motovun Film Festival, while a stroll through its well-maintained old town offers an unforgettable experience of the Istrian hinterland.

Sveti Ivan

Curious explorers and history lovers will be interested in the fact that Sveti Ivan, also known as Sveti Ivan Kornetski, was an important prehistoric fort and roman harbor, which remains are still visible today. In this area, a roman gravestone was found and it is held in a museum in Triest, and right at our property were found beautiful golden items, a necklace and two rings engraved with an eagle and a scorpion.


Sveti Ivan​

Curious explorers and history lovers will be interested to know that Sveti Ivan, also known as Sveti Ivan Kornetski, was actually an important prehistoric fort and Roman harbour, remains of which are still visible today. A Roman gravestone, now displayed in a museum in Trieste, has been found in this area and beatiful golden artefacts, a necklace and two rings engraved with an eagle and a scorpion, have been found right here on our own property.

Every lively small town of northwestern Istria is within your grasp and offers a rich variety of contents to fill the days and nights of your vacation!

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